Who Is Nicolas Contreras? Get To Know His Age, Parents, Girlfriend

Nicolas Contreras garnered praise for his debut portrayal of Kevin Tapia in the crime television series Baby Bandito.

Unfolding an enthralling narrative, the show depicts the story of a skilled skater orchestrating the heist of the century in Chile.

Directed by Pepasan Martin, Julio Jorquerra, and Fernando Guzzoni, the series breathes life into the thrilling tale of this audacious criminal endeavor.

Consistently promoting the series on his social media platforms, Contreras eagerly shared the Baby Bandito trailer on Instagram on December 13, 2023, exclaiming, “aaaaAAAA No WORDS.

My first feature and for Netflix. I’m living a dream.”

Nicolás Contreras Life Career Journey
Image source (Canva)

Likewise, on December 17 of the same year, he treated fans to a series of images from the show, captioning it with, “Some glimpses of what’s coming!!!!! 31.01 KNOW THIS BANDIT.”

Additionally, Contreras revealed that covering one of the most significant reggaeton songs in the Baby Bandito soundtrack was both a fortunate and challenging experience.

These social media updates sparked curiosity among numerous fans and followers who sought more insights into Contreras’ personal life, inquiring about details such as his age, family, dating life, and other aspects.

Nicolas Contreras Age

Contreras keeps his exact birthdate private. However, his Instagram hints he’s probably in his early twenties.

Going deeper into his Instagram, fans notice the radiant glow of Contreras’ skin.

This sparks speculation about whether it’s from a well-planned skincare routine or just good genetics.

Nicolas Contreras Remains Mum About His Family Background

Photo of a rising cinema star Nicolas Contreras
Nicolás Contreras, a rising cinema star, impresses in Una historia de amor imposible and Baby Bandito (2024): Photo source (Instagram)

Contreras hasn’t revealed his parents’ names or shared their pictures on social media.

Despite keeping his family life private, there’s a sense that they’ve been supportive of his successful entertainment career.

Currently, he’s pursuing education through home-schooling, managing studies alongside his acting career.

From a young age, he took drama classes, and in 2021, he made his film debut with “Una Historia de amor impossible.”

Despite fame, he maintains a balance between education and acting.

Nicolas Contreras Height And Weight

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 59 kilograms, Contreras maintains his physique with regular exercise and a disciplined diet.

Despite this, he opts to keep the specific details private.

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Inside Nicolas Contreras Dating Life

Rising cinema star Nicolas Contreras
Image source (Instagram)

As of now, Contreras appears to be single, evident from the absence of pictures with women on his social media.

He focuses on advancing his acting career, prioritizing professional growth over seeking a life partner actively.

Given his dedication to his craft, it’s expected that when Contreras does find someone special, he’ll likely share the news and introduce her to the public.

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