Who Is Andrew Schulz Girlfriend? Details On His Love Life

When someone rises to fame, whether by virtue of their actions or notoriety, public interest in their personal life often intensifies.

Andrew Schulz, since his emergence in the comedy circuit, has garnered a devoted following curious about his romantic life.

Indeed, Schulz is in a committed relationship and poised for marriage. The burning inquiry arises: Who is the woman in Andrew Schulz’s life? How long have they been together? What is her story?

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Andrew Schulz Girlfriend

The year 2020 was terrible for the majority of us. However, there were a few for whom it was the best time of their life, one of them being Andrew Schulz, who belongs to the Scottish-German ethnicity. The New York native finally got engaged to his girlfriend.

He proposed to his partner right in the middle of the pandemic in October 2020. He officially announced the big news to his fans through his Instagram account on October 22, 2020. Andrew and his lover are seen holding hands in the picture as the sparkling diamond ring took all the attention. It was like, ‘all eyes on me.’

His fans were quite delighted to hear about the news and were quick to congratulate him. Moreover, many were curious to know if the wedding bells are sooner than we think? The comedian has not said anything in this matter so far, and it looks like it’ll be a surprise announcement just like he did with the engagement.

Knowing Andrew, who loves to keep his personal life aside from his professional life, the wedding announcement might randomly come as his engagement. Let’s hope this time around he does tell us before tying the knot.

Andrew Somehow Messed Up The Proposal

Andrew messed up his proposal by mixing up words but it turned out well. He nervously recited memorized lines on a podcast, then proposed with a cute mistake: “Will you spend the lest of your rife with me?” Despite this, they got engaged at his favorite restaurant.

Interestingly, a friend and his girlfriend, also at the restaurant, didn’t know about the proposal. Andrew waited for them to leave to avoid awkwardness.

Who Is Andrew Schulz Girlfriend?

Despite our awareness of his commitment, there remains one lingering curiosity: the identity of his girlfriend. This query has echoed persistently, prompting our resolve to offer a definitive response today.

Firstly, her name is Emma Turner. How do we know? Initially, a Reddit user claimed to have unearthed her through diligent online investigation. Though the post has since vanished, confirmation surfaced when Emma herself commented “monkey for life” on Andrew’s engagement announcement.

Photo of Emma Turner, Andrew Schulz girlfriend
Emma Turner, Andrew Schulz girlfriend: Photo source (Instagram)

Furthermore, Emma maintains an Instagram presence, albeit with a concealed profile under the handle @emma.k.turner. Professionally, she holds accreditation as a BASI certified Pilates instructor, collaborating with her mother, Kristin, who oversees a Pilates Studio.

Andrew has jovially referenced his spouse’s passion for Pilates in several podcasts, often marveling at her formidable strength.

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Andrew’s Plans On Having A Children

In his comedic routines, he often delves into a plethora of subjects, even touching on his openness to embracing fatherhood.

Back in 2018, he shared a photo holding a child with a caption that read, “Yep, I’m ready for one. Who’s up for the challenge of parenthood? Serious inquiries only.”

While it was undoubtedly a jest, such humor usually stems from genuine contemplation.

Andrew Schulz Had A Handful Of Relationships In The Past

Prior to his relationship with Emma, he had been involved in two highly publicized romantic entanglements.

During the early 2010s, he was romantically linked with singer Sara Phillips. Their partnership endured for a couple of years and was punctuated by numerous public appearances.

However, their romance eventually fizzled out. Schulz attributed the breakup to their growing apart, while Sara alleged it was due to Schultz’s abusive behavior.

When Andrew’s Netflix special “Schulz Saves America” premiered, Sara levied various accusations against her former beau, leading many to speculate that she was seeking attention rather than genuine resolution.

In addition to Sara, Schulz also had a brief relationship with comedian Jamie Lee. Details about their romance remain scarce, but it concluded in 2014.

Despite their split, the ex-couple remains on friendly terms. In fact, just a few months after parting ways, they embarked on a comedy tour together.

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