Sarah Jakes Roberts Children: Get to Know About Her 6 Children

In addition to her roles as a motivational speaker, pastor, and author, Sarah Jakes Roberts is also a devoted mother.

Her journey as a mother has faced criticism due to having children with different fathers.

Learn more about her children below.

Sarah Jakes, daughter of Bishop TD Jakes
Sarah Jakes, daughter of Bishop TD Jakes. To the left is Sarah and her husband Toure Roberts: Photo ( Sarah Instagram)

Sarah has been married twice and has multiple children.

The birth of her first child was controversial due to the circumstances surrounding it.

How many additional kids does she have apart from her eldest?

Sarah Jakes Roberts children

Outlined below are details about Sarah Jakes Roberts’ family dynamics. How many children does she have, and who are their fathers?

1. Malachi Xander

Full name: Malachi Xander Jakes

Date of birth: 3rd October 2002

Age: 20 years (as of June 2023)

Parent: Sarah Jakes

Occupation: Blogger (Moments in Mind with Malachi)

Malachi Xander made headlines in the Christian world as his mother gave birth to him at the age of 14.

His grandfather, Bishop TD Jakes, was already a renowned preacher.

Malachi, born on October 3, 2002, in the USA, is now 20 years old as of June 2023. Information about his biological father is not publicly known.

Malachi Xander Photo
Malachi Xander: Photo Source (Briefly)

He graduated from Canyon High School and pursued an Advanced Film Acting Course at the Colorado School of Acting in 2017.

Malachi is an active blogger, running “Moments In Mind With Malachi,” where he expresses his thoughts.

He’s open about his mental health challenges on social media.

2. Makenzie Henson

Full name: Makenzie Henson

Date of birth: 14th August 2009

Age: 13 years (as of June 2023)

Parents: Robert Henson and Sarah Jakes

Occupation: Photographer and printmaker

Henson, Sarah Jakes’ second child, is 13 (as of June 2023) with Robert Henson as her father, Sarah’s ex-husband and former NFL linebacker.

Makenzie Henson
Makenzie Henson: Photo (Briefly)

Makenzie is a 13-year-old printmaker and photographer, fortunate to have supportive families nurturing her artistic passion.

3. Ella Roberts

Full name: Ella Roberts

Date of birth: 10th February 2016

Age: 7 years (as of June 2023)

Parents: Sarah Jakes and Touré Roberts

Ella, Sarah’s youngest child, was born on February 10, 2016, to Touré, Sarah’s husband of almost a decade.

This confirms that Sarah Jakes is currently married.

Touré Roberts is the father figure in their blended family and a bestselling author known for publications like:

  • Purpose Awakening
  • Wholeness
  • Balance

4. Ren Taylor Roberts

Full name: Ren Taylor Roberts

Date of birth: 21st May 1996

Age: 27 years (as of June 2023)

Parents: Lori and Touré Roberts

Occupation: Singer

Does Touré Roberts have kids?

Taylor, Lori’s daughter from her initial marriage, was born on May 21, 1996. Now 27, she’s becoming an American singer.

She wed Tyler Joseph Headlee on May 4, 2022. Lori, her mother, is an American author.

5. Teya Hunter Roberts

Full name: Teya Hunter Roberts

Date of birth: 11th February 1998

Age: 25 years (as of June 2023)

Parents: Lori and Touré Roberts

Occupation: YouTuber and blogger

Teya Hunter Roberts
Teya Hunter Roberts: Photo source (Instagram)

Born on February 11, 1998, Teya Hunter is Touré’s second child.

She’s also Sarah’s stepdaughter and a renowned blogger with her 2018-launched platform, Journey To Me.

Teya is active as a content creator on YouTube too.

6. Isaiah Roberts

Full name: Isaiah Roberts

Date of birth: 29th October 2002

Age: 19 years (as of June 2023)

Parents: Lori and Touré Roberts

Occupation: Artist (Generation One)

Isaiah Roberts
Isaiah Roberts: Photo (Instagram)

Born on 29th October 2002, Isaiah is an artist and a member of Generation One.

Generation One is a group of individuals who share informative and impactful testimonies.

Sarah Jakes Roberts Marriage

Sarah is married to Pastor Touré Roberts. They tied the knot on 23 November 2014.

Sarah Jakes Roberts Husband

Born on September 8, 1972, in Oakland, California, Touré is now 50 years old in June 2023. His wife, born on July 17, 1988, is 34 years old.

The age gap between Touré Roberts and Sarah Jakes is 18 years.

Insights into Sarah Jakes Roberts’ motherhood journey are glimpsed through details about her children.

With 2.4 million Instagram followers by July 2, 2023, she’s passionate about motherhood, evident from her frequent kid-centric posts.


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