How Tall Is Jacob Day? His Bio, Age, Family And Love History

Jacob Day, a renowned TikTok star and influencer, hails from Chicago, USA (born on February 22, 2002).

He gained fame through TikTok and is a member of ‘The Hype House’.

TikTok Star Jacob Day
TikTok Star Jacob Day: Photo Source (TikTok)

With over 950K followers on Instagram (@jacobday), 6.7 million TikTok fans (@jacobday), and 130K YouTube subscribers, he’s a notable influencer.

While his real name is Jacob Day, he’s also known by the nickname Jacob.

Jacob Day Age

Famous Tiktok star and influencer Jacob was born on Friday, February 22, 2002, and as of 2022, he is 20 years old.

His birthday comes on the 22nd of February, and on this birthday (February 22, 2022) he turned 20.

Jacob Day Height, Weight

A fitness enthusiast, he exercises daily, maintaining an enviable physique that captivates admirers.

He hits the gym regularly and also works out at home when necessary.

He stands tall at 6’6″ (1.98 m) and weighs 78 kg (172 lbs).

With black hair and striking blue eyes, he garners attention.

Jacob Day Social Media handles

Jacob rose to fame with motivational content across platforms.

His active Instagram presence connects with celebrities, amassing 950K followers by 2022.

Posts regularly garner 200-300K likes, highlighting his popularity.

On TikTok (@jacobday), his videos gained 6.7 million fans.

His YouTube channel draws 130K subscribers.

Jacob Day Relationship

Regarding Jacob’s personal life and romantic relationship, he maintains a private stance, a common approach among celebrities.

TikTok star Jacob Day
Source (Instagram)

He hasn’t shared any details about his relationship status on his social media or online platforms.

Despite potential rumors, there’s no concrete information available regarding his romantic involvement.

Jacob Day Family

His family includes his father, mother, brother, and two sisters. He hails from a Christian family.

He has a brother named Luke and two sisters named Izzy and Gracie.

Jacob Day Net Worth

A frequently asked question by his fans pertains to Jacob’s earnings and net worth.

Given his status as a prominent TikTok and social media star, his net worth is influenced by multiple income streams.

His approximate net worth is in the range of $1-1.5 million.

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