Who Is Taylin Gallacher? All About Taylor Lewan Wife

Taylin Gallacher is a 27-year-old former model, philanthropist, and animal advocate from Canada. She is married to NFL player Taylor Lewan and has two daughters with him

Taylor Lewan and his wife, Taylin Lewan (née Gallacher), swiftly fell in love, meeting in February 2016 and becoming engaged just a month later.

Despite a brief encounter earlier, Taylin moved to L.A., and Taylor followed suit.

They quietly tied the knot in April 2016, announcing their marriage in July.

The couple welcomed their first daughter, Wynne, in the following year, and another daughter, Willow, arrived in July 2019.

Taylor expressed his admiration for Taylin in a 2023 interview, describing her as an incredible partner who tolerates his quirks.

Taylin Gallacher and husband Taylor Lewan
Taylin Gallacher is a 27-year-old former model, philanthropist, and animal advocate from Canada. She is married to NFL player Taylor Lewan and has two daughters with him: Photo source (Forbes)

Taylin Gallacher Background

Taylin hails from Kelowna-Lake Country in British Columbia, Canada.

Over time, she has embarked on journeys with her husband and kids to explore the picturesque landscapes of her homeland, indulging in camping adventures.

In the United States, Taylin proudly expresses her Canadian roots in various ways.

This includes donning a Canadian tuxedo as a playful nod to her heritage, showcasing her affinity for the Great White North.

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Taylin Gallacher Modeling Career

Taylin was scouted for modeling in Florida at 17 or 18 and shot editorials for brands like Calvin Klein.

Despite sharing modeling photos on Instagram since 2015, she found it wasn’t her passion.

She struggled in the industry and saw it as a stepping stone.

At 20, she almost signed a modeling contract in Los Angeles but met Taylor, changing her path.

Taylin And Taylor Lewan Meeting

On Out of Bounds, Taylin shared that she met Taylor in February 2016.

Taylor, an NFL player, revealed on Instagram that he started getting to know her 10 days before Valentine’s Day, while he was in Arizona and she lived in Nashville.

Despite the distance, they got engaged two weeks after she returned to Arizona, with Taylin saying she only knew Taylor for five weeks before the proposal.

Taylin Gallacher and Taylor Lewan
Image courtesy (Forbes)

Taylin Gallacher And Taylor Lewan Wedding

Taylor and Taylin tied the knot in a spontaneous church ceremony in Tennessee, officiated by a priest hired just 24 hours in advance.

They decided to get married three days before the ceremony, and the first photo of the couple sharing a kiss was posted on Instagram the next day.

Three months later, they announced their engagement without revealing they were already married.

Taylor expressed his admiration for Taylin, stating she is the most beautiful and kind-hearted woman he has ever met.

Taylin shared a photo of Taylor kissing her hand, praising him for showing her what a man is capable of.

Official Wedding

Taylor and Taylin had a formal wedding in Big Sur, California, on July 7, 2018, surrounded by family and friends.

The outdoor ceremony, set against the redwoods and coastline, featured ocean-inspired decor, including watercolor paintings.

Although Taylor initially considered on-site tattoos for guests, they opted for a tarot card reader.

Their daughter, Wynne, played a role in the special occasion.

Taylin Gallacher And Taylor Lewan Children

Taylor and Taylin, proud parents, have two daughters: Wynne and Willow.

Taylin announced her first pregnancy on Instagram in February 2017, sharing a joyful video of them dancing after discovering they were expecting a girl.

Taylin Gallacher Children
Source (Forbes)

Wynne was born in July 2017, named after Taylin’s Great Grandpa Wynn.

In March 2020, Taylin revealed her second pregnancy on Instagram with a bump picture featuring Wynne and a sonogram.

Willow arrived in July 2020, and Taylin expressed the joy in their world despite the chaos, sharing a sweet photo of her newborn on Instagram.

Taylin Gallacher Charity Foundation

In April 2020, Taylin and Hayley Hubbard founded Feeding Nashville to combat hunger during the pandemic and tornado aftermath.

Taylin Gallacher Charity Foundation
Source (Forbes)

They raised funds to pay furloughed chefs to create food for anyone in need, feeding over 25,000 people by September 2020.

Taylin frequently updates about the organization on Instagram.

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