Who Is Malachi Jakes? All About Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Son

Malachi Jakes is the son of Sarah Jakes Roberts, a famous author, motivational speaker, and pastor who is the daughter of Bishop TD Jakes.

Malachi Jakes, son of Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts
Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts son, Malachi Jakes: Photo Courtesy (Instagram)

Jakes Biography

Malachi Xander Jakes, son of preacher Sarah Jakes Roberts and grandson of Bishop TD Jakes, is a well-known American blogger and theater student.

Born on August 21, 2002, his mother, Sarah, faced public scrutiny for her teenage pregnancy, but her father, Bishop TD Jakes, supported her throughout.

Sarah later married NFL player Robert Henson, and now she is married to Toure Robert, co-pastoring The ONE church, LA.

Malachi Jakes Age

Malachi Jakes, born on August 21, 2002, is now 19 years old (2022). His mother, Sarah Jakes, celebrates his birthday every year on August 21, making it a special day.

On his 19th birthday, Sarah Jakes posted on Instagram, expressing awe at how Malachi has grown into a confident and resilient man, anticipating that he will surpass her in various aspects of life.

Happy 19th Birthday, Prince Malachi! 🎉 @themalachijakes ❤️

Malachi Jakes Education

In 2017, Xander Jakes took the Advanced Film Acting Course at the Colorado School of Acting and also attended Rock Canyon High School.

Malachi Jakes credits his interest in the theatre to the inspiration and support he received from his mother, Sarah Jakes Roberts.

Reflecting on his childhood, Malachi mentioned in his blog how his mother’s encouragement led him to pursue his passion for theater.

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Malachi Jakes Family Life

Malachi Jakes is currently single, and information about his relationship status is not available at the moment.

He grew up in a large family with six siblings from his mother’s various marriages, including one to Pastor Toure Roberts, who is considered his stepfather.

However, details about Malachi Jakes’ biological father are not known.

Malachi Jakes Career

Malachi, a theater student and aspiring male model featured in The Rebel Teens Magazine, is also the blogger behind “Moments In Mind With Malachi,” a lifestyle blog serving as an outlet for his thoughts.

He aims to be a voice for young individuals navigating their way in the world.

In addition to his diverse talents, Malachi is a singer with the potential to become a renowned artist.

Malachi Jakes Mother Sarah Jakes Roberts

Malachi Jakes Mother
Photo source (Instagram)

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and co-pastor at ONE.LA with her husband, Toure Roberts.

Despite facing challenges, including an early pregnancy, she received support from her father, Bishop TD Jakes, and went on to achieve her dreams.

After a brief marriage to NFL player Robert Henson, she is now married to Toure Roberts and continues to lead The ONE church, LA. Sarah is also the founder of Women Evolve.

Malachi Jakes grandfather Bishop T.D. Jakes

Malachi Jakes grand father
Photo courtesy (Instagram)

Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr., known as T. D. Jakes, is an American bishop, author and filmmaker.

He is the bishop of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American megachurch.

He was born on the 9th day pof June 1965.

Malachi Jakes Siblings

Malachi Jakes has 5 step-siblings: Makenzie Henson (from his mom’s previous marriage to Robert Henson), Isaiah Roberts, Teya Roberts, and Ren Taylor Roberts (from Toure Roberts’ previous marriage), and Ella (from his mom’s current marriage to Toure Roberts).

His mom, Sarah Jakes Roberts, had him before marrying and later divorced Robert Henson after having Makenzie.

She is currently married to Toure Roberts, bringing Ella into the family.

Malachi’s step-siblings include three from Toure’s previous marriage and one each from his mom’s past and present marriages.

Malachi Jakes siblings
Photo courtesy (Instagram)

Malachi Jakes Net Worth

There is currently no information as to how much Malachi Jakes is worth, his sources of income etc.

Malachi Jakes Social Media

You can find Malachi Jakes on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @themalachijakes

Quick Facts

Full Name Malachi Xander Jakes
Date of Birth August 21, 2002
Age Currently 19 years old
Upcoming Birthday Turning 20 on August 21, 2022
Mother Sarah Jakes Roberts
Father Unknown
Grandparents (Maternal) Bishop TD Jakes and Serita Jakes
Grandparents (Paternal) Not known yet
Uncles Jermaine Jakes, Jamar Jakes, Thomas Jakes Jr.
Aunt Cora Jakes Coleman
Occupation Singer, Blogger, Model, Theatre Student
Blog momentsinmind.squarespace.com

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