Who Is Jeffrey Brezovar? Father Of Actor Milo Manheim

Jeffrey Brezovar was a prominent male model in the late ’90s.

He gained even more fame when he revealed he was the father of young actor Milo Manheim, known for Disney movies.

Jeffrey Brezovar photo
Jeffrey Brezovar: Photo courtesy (Forbes)

The news of his paternity was surprising, especially considering that Jeffrey is openly gay.

Jeffrey Brezovar Biography, Age

Jeffrey Brezovar, born on May 22, 1972, to American parents, is 46 years old.

He holds American nationality, has mixed ethnicity, and has two siblings.

Jeffrey openly embraced his gay identity at a young age, which his parents noticed due to his unique behavior.

He’s an enthusiastic photographer, outdoor lover, and avid hiker.

Jeffrey Brezovar marriage

Jeffrey Brezovar has never married actress Camryn Manheim.

Instead, he donated his kidney to his long-time friend, actress Camryn Manheim, known for her roles in various TV series.

Brezovar proudly considers himself a dad to his son Milo Manheim.

Camryn gave birth to Milo Manheim on March 6, 2000, and he turned 21 in March 2021.

On March 6, 2019, Brezovar posted a belated birthday wish for him on his Instagram, calling him a beautiful man at 18 with the hashtags #proudpapa.

In return, Milo shared an image of his dad on his Instagram wall, captioning it “Happy Father’s Day pops.”

Jeffrey Brezovar with family
Source (Reddit)

This father-son duo appears happy and blessed to have each other in their lives.

While Milo was primarily raised by his mother during his childhood, he has maintained a strong relationship with his dad as well.

Jeffrey Brezovar Relation With Camryn Manheim

Actress Camryn Manheim, known for The Practice, became a mom in her 40s, giving birth to her biological child, Milo Manheim, just two days before her fortieth birthday.

She had a friendly relationship with Jeffrey Brezovar, who supported her during childbirth.

Jeffrey clarified that Camryn used a sperm donor and would be the sole provider and guardian for the baby boy.

He mentioned that Camryn was happier than ever.

While some might speculate about Jeffrey Brezovar dating Camryn Manheim, they have never been romantically involved.

Their presence on each other’s Instagram doesn’t imply a romantic relationship; they are close friends who share a bond through their surrogate son, Milo Manheim.

Jeffrey Brezovar son Milo Manheim

Milo competed on the 27th season of Dancing With the Stars, pairing up with Whitney Carson and finishing as the runner-up.

Both Brezovar and Camryn attended the event to support their son and shared their moments on social media.

Jeffrey Brezovar with son Milo
Jeffrey with son Milo Manheim: Photo source (Reddit)

Milo also posted a throwback picture of his father, captioning it, “I am going to be like you.”

Jeffrey Brezovar Net Worth

Jeffrey Brezovar has made significant contributions to the glamour industry.

In 2018, he appeared on the American talk show “The Talk” with Sharon Osbourne and made guest appearances on various television series, including “Home & Family” and “Good Morning America Teens.”

Currently, Milo Manheim’s father is actively pursuing his acting career, possibly working on several film projects, although he may or may not have confirmed them.

Jeffrey Brezovar Death Rumor

Contrary to rumors, Jeffrey Brezovar is alive and well.

The reports of his death are a hoax.

Mr. Brezovar has intentionally maintained a low profile, leading to false controversies about his existence that have affected both his personal life and his fans.

Currently, the retired model is enjoying a peaceful life in Madison, Palm Springs, California.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jeffrey Brezovar
Aka Jeffrey Brezovar
Height 175cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1972/5/22
Birth Country United States
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexual Orientation Gay

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