Who Is Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo? Renowned Singer Chalino Sanchez Daughter

Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo, daughter of the late Chalino Sánchez, a famous Mexican singer-songwriter, draws significant attention for her strong ties to her father’s influential musical legacy.

Born to Chalino Sánchez and Marisela Vallejos, Cynthia is the sole custodian of her father’s remarkable musical heritage.

Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo photo
Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo: Photo source (Forbes)

Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo Date Of Birth

Sanchez Vallejo was born in July 1987 in Los Angeles, California.

While her exact birth date and zodiac sign are unknown, she is estimated to be around 36 years old based on the given information.

Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo Education

Cynthia Sanchez maintains a private personal life, leading to limited information about her education.

However, it’s reasonable to assume she attended a reputable local institution.

Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo Parents

Cynthia Sanchez is the daughter of Chalino Sánchez and Marisela Vallejos Felix.

They met through Chalino’s cousin while he was working in LA, got married in 1984 in Los Angeles, and had their son Adan before joyfully welcoming Cynthia into the world.

Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo Father

Chalino Sánchez, born on August 30, 1960, in Sinaloa, Mexico, was a revered Mexican singer-songwriter who had a profound impact on Regional Mexican music.

Emerging in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he blended traditional Mexican melodies with contemporary influences, captivating audiences with his unique style.

His songs often drew from personal experiences, reflecting his struggles, triumphs, and Mexican society’s realities.

His heartfelt performances resonated deeply, earning praise for their authenticity and connection to listeners’ everyday lives.

Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo father
Chalino Sanchez, Cynthis’s father: Photo source (Reddit)

Cynthia Sanchez Mother, Marisela Vallejos Felix

Marisela Vallejos Felix, wife of the late Chalino Sanchez, was born on February 18, 1969, in Mexico.

She married Chalino Sanchez in the early 1980s and became the mother of their two children, Adán Sanchez and Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo.

After Chalino’s tragic murder in 1992, Marisela faced the challenge of raising their children as a single mother while preserving Chalino’s legacy.

Despite leading a private life, Marisela has played a crucial role in honoring Chalino’s memory and supporting her children.

Cynthia Sanchez mother
Marisela Vallejos Felix, Cynthia’s Mother: Photo source (Legit.ng)

Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo Brother, Adan Sanchez

Cynthia has a brother named Adán Sánchez, born on April 14, 1984, in Torrance, California, USA.

Adán Sánchez was the first child of Chalino Sánchez and Marisela Vallejos.

He followed in his father’s footsteps, pursuing a career in Regional Mexican music as a singer and songwriter, earning recognition and acclaim within the industry.

Cynthia Sanchez brother
Adan Sanchez: Source (Instagram)

Adán released multiple albums, impressing audiences with his musical talent.

Sadly, tragedy struck at a young age when he passed away on March 27, 2004, in Sinaloa, Mexico, at just 19 years old, leaving a deep void in the music community.

Quick Facts

Full Name Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo
Date Of Birth  July 1987
Place Of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Age Around 35
Zodiac Unknown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Parents Chalino Sánchez and Marisela Vallejos Felix
Siblings  Adán Sánchez
Famous For Daughter of Chalino Sánchez
Profession Not Known
Marital Status Not Known
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Gender Female
Networth Not known


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