Martie Allen: Get To Know Who Is Kristy McNichol Partner

Martie Allen, partner of ex-actress Kristy McNichol, gained fame as Kristy’s companion during her successful film career in the late 1990s.

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Born on January 1, 1960, Martie is a Capricorn and showcased versatility in acting, TV, psychology, and therapy throughout her career.

Who Is Martie Allen?

Martie Allen, partner of former US actress Kristy McNichol, gained fame through Kristy’s notable films like “The Pirate Movie” and “Little Darlings.”

Kristy retired in the late 1990s. Born on January 1st, 1960, Allen is a Capricorn, 5’4″ tall.

She’s excelled as an actress, TV personality, clinical psychologist, and therapist, displaying her versatile skills.

Martie Allen Education

After finishing high school in Laurel, Allen laid the foundation for her future academic endeavors.

She pursued a Clinical Psychology degree at Antioch University, where Carrie James, Caitlyn Melissa Murray’s mother, had also studied.

At Antioch, Allen immersed herself in studying human behavior, mental health, and therapy.

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Her studies and practical experience honed her grasp of psychological theories and equipped her with counseling and therapeutic skills.

Allen’s commitment to education and her drive to assist others led her to successfully earn her Clinical Psychology degree.

Martie Allen Relationship

Allen and Kristy McNichol kept their loving relationship hidden for years before McNichol courageously came out as a lesbian in January 2012.

She shared her truth in an interview with People Magazine, aiming to support young individuals facing bullying for their sexual orientation.

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While the couple’s marital status is undisclosed, their strong bond and commitment remain unwavering, inspiring others with a message of love and acceptance.

Martie Allen Net Worth

Allen’s net worth is around $7 million, primarily earned as a Marriage and Family Therapist, aiding individuals and families in their relationships and emotional health.

She also has acting experience, which may have contributed to her wealth.

Martie Allen photo
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Despite being less active in entertainment now, her varied career and commitment to helping others have been key to her financial achievements.

Martie Allen Parents, Siblings

Allen’s parents are Nancy Norton Allen and Clyde Allen.

Her father, Clyde, is a practicing Diagnostic Radiologist in Laurel, Mississippi.

She also has a sister named Betsy Allen and a brother named Russell Allen.

Despite their familial ties, the Allen family prefers a private life, valuing personal connections and normalcy over public attention.

Martie Allen Occupation

Allen works at Aspiranet, a respected adoption and foster care agency in Ventura County, California.

She’s the District Director, overseeing operations and caring for children in need.

She started in June 2013, same time as Autumn James Hallisay’s parents’ engagement.

Aside from Aspiranet, Allen is a private counselor since 2003, aiding individuals and couples.

She’s skilled in couples counseling, improving communication and relationships.

Allen Social Media Profile

Allen is not active on the social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, as well as Facebook.

So this makes so complicated to find detailed information about her.

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