Khaza Kamil Gates: All About Rapper Kevin Gates Son

Khaza Kamil Gates, born to rapper Kevin Gates and wife Dreka Haynes, is a celebrity kid.

The youngest child of Kevin Gates, famous for “The Luca Brasi Story,” is featured on his mother’s Instagram.

Khaza With his Father
Khaza and his father Kevin: Photo (Instagram)

Khaza’s father named his album “Khaza,” released by Atlantic Records in June 2022.

Despite being just 8 years old, Khaza is gaining fame like his parents.

Discover lesser-known facts about him and whether his parents remain together.

Khaza Kamil Gates Personal Life

Khaza Kamil Gates is the youngest child of US rapper Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka Haynes, known for her Instagram presence.

Born on October 17, 2015, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Khaza is eight years old.

Khaza Kamil Gates
Khaza Kamil Gates: Photo source (Instagram)

He has an older brother, Islah Koren Gates, who is eight years old.

While Khaza’s father has Moroccan and Puerto Rican ancestry, his mother’s ethnicity is undisclosed.

Khaza Kamil Gates Parents

Kevin and Dreka’s college meeting led to a secret affair lasting almost 15 years. They wed on October 17, 2015, in Baton Rouge, but wedding details remain unknown.

Before marriage, they had two children. Their eldest, Islah Koren Gates, was born on November 30, 2012. Khaza Kamil Gates, their son, was born on May 10, 2014.

Khaza Kamil Gates Parents
Khaza Parents, Kevin and Dreka: Source (Instagram)

Kevin mentioned undisclosed children in a 2013 interview.

He has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Reports in late 2019 suggested a third child, but no confirmation followed.

Khaza Kamil Gates Parents Professionals

Khaza’s dad, Kevin, is a notable US rapper with albums Islah, I’m Him, and Khaza.

His mom has a large Instagram following and heads Bread Winners’ Association. She also manages Kevin’s business.

Khaza Kamil Gates Net Worth

Khaza Gates, a Family Member, holds a $1.5 million net worth.

Son of Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates, famous for The Luca Brasi Story mixtape, Khaza has gained significant wealth through his father’s music success.

Are Kevin Gates and Dreka separated?

Recent allegations of Dreka’s infidelity have surfaced, indicating a possible breakup.

In 2022, claims arose of her cheating on Kevin Gates with her fitness coach.

Dreka and her partner have separated, with her now residing on a rural farm alongside her new boyfriend.

The Louisiana artist, preparing to release a new album, strongly hinted at betrayal in his latest song.

In interviews, I took the blame, though it seemed like an exaggeration / I penned the ‘Dreka’ track, deceiving all to protect her image.

The singer implied that she was unfaithful, having an affair with the personal trainer.

My trainer invaded my private space / It really wounded me deep inside.

Kevin wiped his Instagram clean following the incident.

Dreka’s fans and followers questioned her bond with her trainer, who identifies as lesbian, in an Instagram post.

Quick Facts

Full Name  Khaza Kamil Gates
Nickname Khaza
Date of Birth 10th May 2014
Age 8 Years
Gender Male
Eye Color  N/A
Hair Color N/A
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Place of Birth United States
Net Worth N/A
Famous As Celebrity Kid
Nationality American
Religion Muslim
Relationship Status Single
Parents Father Kevin Gates & Mother Dreka Gates
Siblings Islah Gates

The name “Khaza” translates to “treasure” or “divine gift” in Arabic, while his middle name “Kamil” means “Perfect One.”

He’s a blessing to his parents, symbolizing a perfect gift from the divine.

His sibling’s name “Islah” signifies “reform” or “improvement” in Arabic.

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