Is Cody Fern Gay? All About His Dating Life

Renowned for portraying Michael Langdon on the popular American TV series “American Horror Story: Apocalypse,” Cody Fern stands out as a notable Australian actor.

His noteworthy roles extend to “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story,” where he played David Maddison, and the Netflix series “House of Cards,” where he portrayed Duncan Shepherd.

Given his status as a fan favorite, requiring minimal introduction, let’s explore Cody Fern’s personal life and delve into some intriguing questions about the actor.

Photo of actor Cody Fern
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Is Cody Fern Gay?

Cody Fern had never publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation, but initial reports suggested that he was gay before the actor officially came out.

Upon learning this, Cody’s female fans expressed disappointment and heartbreak, exacerbated by the fact that he was already in a relationship.

In our quest to discover the identity of Cody’s partner, we stumbled upon an article that elicited laughter.

A website named ‘’ claimed, “Cody Fern is Dating ‘Su Novio,'” a statement derived from a YouTube video title that translates to “Her Boyfriend.” Can you believe the content on these sites?!

Nevertheless, we conducted our investigation and uncovered the truth about Cody Fern’s romantic involvement.

Based on social media photos, it was revealed that Cody Fern is in a relationship with his boyfriend, Eric Smith.

Who is Cody Fern’s Boyfriend, Eric Smith?

Cody Fern boyfriend, Eric Smith
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Eric Smith, recognized as a prominent figure in the realm of social media influence, boasts an extensive follower base on Instagram.

His original Instagram account boasts a substantial 178,000 followers, while his recently established one has amassed over 57,000 followers.

Born on August 22, 1995, as noted by Famous Birthdays, Eric initially gained attention for his fitness-oriented content, commencing with workout videos posted on YouTube in May 2015.

Delving into his career trajectory, Eric, a fitness enthusiast and media personality, kickstarted his journey as a YouTuber by sharing workout videos on his channel.

Hailing from Baltimore originally, he subsequently relocated to Washington, D.C., and later settled in Austin, where he presently resides.

Notably, Eric’s sexual orientation became public knowledge when he began a relationship with Cody Fern. However, reports indicate that he openly identified as gay from the age of nine.

Cody Fern and Eric Smith’s Relationship

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It was a tough job to do; finding out about the relationship of a highly private person is not a joke! But we did, just for you, lovely readers. Since we are talking about the couple’s relationship, there’s only a little information. The two rarely are seen in public, nor do they post pictures of them together.

Some fans knew Cody was gay and dating Eric Smith. Moreover, the same fans have speculated about their split as well. Cody and Eric started dating in 2018.

They used to post photos and stories of themselves together quite often, but it has stopped as of late. And the reason, as you know, people believe they have separated now. However, that’s still speculation, and we hope their relationship lasts longer.

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Short Bio and Rise to Fame: Cody Fern

The actor/voice actor, Cody Fern, was born on July 6, 1988, in Southern Cross, Western Australia! Likewise, Fern started his career as a filmmaker. Later after completing his Diploma in commerce Degree from the Curtin University of Technology, he got his informal acting classes from coaches like Ellen BurstynSusan Batson, and more.

The actor’s most significant break was AHS: Apocalypse! After his appearance on the show, he instantly became a fan favorite. Moreover, Fern, in his mid-30s, established himself as a fashion icon for his flamboyant and charming looks.

The actor became loved by the fans that he was called for the second season of the AHS: 1984! Cody played the character of Xavier in the series.


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