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Emily Carey, a rising English model and actress, gained recognition for her portrayal of young Lady Alicent Hightower in Season 1 of HBO Max’s House of the Dragon, which premiered on August 21, 2022. This series serves as a prequel to Game of Thrones.

Furthermore, Carey is notable for her performances in other young renditions of adult characters.

Photo of actress Emily Carey
Image source (Instagram)

She took on the role of 12-year-old Diana Prince, with the older version portrayed by Gal Gadot, in 2017’s Wonder Woman. Additionally, she played 14-year-old Lara in 2018’s Tomb Raider.

Beyond her iconic roles, Carey has been featured in various movies and TV shows such as Houdini and Doyle, Turn Up Charlie, Get Even, Anastasia, Casualty, Where Is Anne Frank, Monster Family 2, and The Lost Girls.

In The Lost Girls, she shared the screen with Louis Partridge and a talented ensemble cast.

Who is Emily Carey dating?

Emily with her rumored boyfriend Rhys Bailey
Emily with her rumored boyfriend Rhys Bailey: Photo source (Instagram)

Carey’s rising popularity prompts curiosity about her personal life. She is openly gay or queer, using “they/she” pronouns. Is she dating someone? That remains unknown as Carey keeps her personal life private.

No reports or hints about a partner on her social media. Instagram mainly showcases her daily life, profession, and moments with friends.

Rumors circulated about her and fellow actor Rhys Bailey. They shared cute comments on each other’s posts, fueling speculations of a romantic relationship.

However, they are just good friends; Carey, being gay, would have a girlfriend if dating.

Despite the rumors, neither confirmed any romantic connection. As of February 2024, Carey isn’t dating and focuses on her acting career.

Previously, she dated musician Kellimarie Willis (Kelli Marie). Their relationship, evident on Instagram, started around May 2022.

They attended events together, shared pictures, and celebrated birthdays.

A collage picture of Emily Carey with her ex-girlfriend Kellimarie Willis
A collage picture of Emily Carey with her ex-girlfriend Kellimarie Willis: Image source (Instagram)

Around August 2023, the romantic gestures ceased. Carey and Willis deleted shared content, sparking breakup rumors.

Although unconfirmed, their silence and Instagram unfollowing suggest the end of their relationship.

Emily Carey came out of the closet in 2021

Did Emily Carey come out as gay? Absolutely! While she might have revealed her sexual orientation to friends earlier, she publicly acknowledged it during Pride month in 2021.

The actress subtly hinted at her identity on February 1, 2021, by sharing a photo of herself donning a hat adorned with rainbow flag colors. In the caption, she greeted everyone a “happy LGBT+ history month.”

Later, on June 9, she posted another picture, this time holding a hand fan with a rainbow flag design. She playfully mentioned investing in the fan and dancing around in celebration of June.

By June 25, Carey shared an image featuring her rainbow flag-themed hand fan, matching donuts, and a cardboard sign that read “Pride.”

Grateful to her mother, Sarah MacDonnell, she expressed thanks for the “gay donuts” from Doughnut Time UK.

While it was increasingly evident to many that Carey identified as gay, she made it crystal clear on June 27. Sharing a photo surrounded by rainbow balloons, she captioned it, “posing like I’m ready to pounce on all the homophobes.”

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The following year, during the 2022 Pride month, Carey posted a photo dump on her Instagram, showcasing various moments.

Some pictures captured her presence at a local pride parade. In the 2023 Pride month, she was seen enjoying the festivities with close friends, including Sebastian Croft, a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

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