Chris Frangipane Biography: All About Halsey Nicollette Father

Chris Frangipane is the father of American musician Ashley Nicollette Frangipane, whose stage name is Halsey.

Although Halsey and her parents had a rocky relationship in the past, she now has a great relationship with them.

Chris Frangipane Photo
Who is Chris Frangipane: Photo courtesy (Hollywood life)

Frangipane is no doubt one of the proudest parents in the world, as his daughter is a highly successful musician.

Who is Chris Frangipane Daughter Halsey?

Though the sensational musician goes by her stage name Hasley, her birth name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane.

Halsey mom and dad are Nicole and Chris Frangipane.

Chris Frangipane and his daughter Halsey Nicollette
Chris Frangipane and his daughter Halsey Nicollette

Her father was born on September 26. The year of birth is not known, but according to an Instagram post by Halsey, Chris will turn 50 years old soon.

Halsey’s dad has African American and Irish ancestry.

Chris Frangipane Marriage

Chris met Nicole, his partner and the mother of his children, when they were students in college.

Halseys parents had to quit their college education for some time after they found out that Nicole had become pregnant.

The pair went through some hard times, and this led to them taking odd jobs and relocating to different locations constantly.

Nicole Frangipane even had to work as security personnel at some point.

On September 29, 1994, Nicole and Chris’ first daughter, Halsey, was born.

Chris and his partner have a total of three children.

They had two boys after the famous singer.

They had their second child but first son, Sevian, in 1998.

The last born of the family, Dante, was born in 2005.

Sevian, who is very active on Instagram, often shares loving posts with his sister on the social media platform.

Chris Frangipane Education

According to reports, Halsey dad had his higher education studies in New Jersey at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

He graduated from the educational institution in 1997.

Chris Frangipane Career

Halsey’s father has worked as an automobile sales manager for different companies almost all through his career.

He began his career at Ayers Chevrolet as a sales manager in 2003. He worked at Ayers Chevrolet from December 2003 to October 2013.

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From November 2013 to March 2015, he worked at Prestige Volvo in East Hanover, New Jersey, as a general sales manager.

In April 2015, he joined Rossis Chevrolet Buick GMC in Washington and New Jersey as a general sales manager.

He worked there from April 2015 to April 2017.

Chris Frangipane Net Worth

Chris Frangipane has a net worth of about $200 thousand from his years of employment.

Family Life

Due to Halsey’s dad’s job, the Frangipane family moved a lot during their early years.

As a result, Halsey and her brother attended multiple high schools.

The relationship with her parents wasn’t always smooth, leading to her being kicked out as a teenager.

Chris and his family (Photo)
Chris Frangipane and his family: Photo ( Hollywood life)

Some media sources wrongly claimed it was due to illegal substances, but Halsey clarified that it was because she quit college.

Despite facing numerous hardships, Halsey triumphed and now enjoys a successful career.

Her relationship with her parents has greatly improved, evident from attending events together and posting affectionate messages on social media.

The famous singer acknowledges that her parents played a significant role in her success, with her father supporting her dreams and working hard to provide for their family.

Halsey’s music has achieved remarkable success, with singles like “Closer” and “Without Me” reaching the Billboard Hot 100. Her albums have sold over one million copies, and her songs have been downloaded more than six billion times in the US.

She owns lavish properties, including a Hollywood Hills house purchased in June 2017 for $2.23 million and a beautiful 2,200 square-foot home in Sherman Oaks, California, bought for $2.4 million in July 2019.

Her father now resides in Greater Los Angeles, but it’s unclear if he lives in any of these expensive homes.

Chris Frangipane, Halsey’s father, made sacrifices for his daughter, giving up his college education to care for her. His dedication paid off, as she is now a wealthy musician.

On the other hand, Alexis Rodman, one of Dennis Rodman’s children, has chosen to keep her life private and away from the public eye, unlike her siblings.

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